Happy Pi Day!

I took a week off from writing the blog, as my computer is failing, and my husband had the week for spring break. I took my weight this morning... and I don't feel so much like a skinny couch potato.

Yikes. I was getting kind use to my body image, but man. I'm not so sure if I'm going to stay out of the 170 range. No wonder I'm so much more tired than I'm use to. So I'm going to blow up the yoga ball, and maybe do some walking today, or maybe a little yard work. I've been thinking though that my project priority needs to go to doing my taxes, but you gotta eat... and I should get it written down.

Peanut butter and banana- 150 cal
Fig Newton- 200 cal
1 cup pineapple
2 cups bean and kale soup
Small handful dark chocolate pommegranet candy
Cheddar cheese
2 hard candies
Red Lobster Shrimp meal with Fries and Garden Salad- 1000 cal
2 tums

166.2 lbs
This is the first time my weight has gone down even a little since being pregnant

Banana and peanut butter
Fig Newton
Beef Jerky
Quinoa with veggies
V8 splash
Chocolate candies
2 red lobster biscuits
Potato chips
bowl of beans and kale soup
strawberrry balsamic truffle uncoated
2 thin mints

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