"Every time..."

I've herd a few stories from other people at work about troubles with pets who won't stop licking themselves. If you think training an animal to sit is difficult, try getting them to stop self-gratifying in front of you.

Despite the fact that I have herd several stories, I honestly think that my cat is the weirdest. When we first got him he started. He would come up and sit on my lap, or my boyfriend's, and promptly start licking his penis. We tried to punish him for a little while, but it didn't work (of course). We also tried picking him up and putting him elsewhere. The funny thing is, if he is not sitting on one of our laps, or at least in very close proximity he won't do it. For instance if he is on the bed licking himself and I get up and leave the room he promptly stops, and follows me, then will sit on my lap once I sit down again, then continues! Once he reached 6 months old we thought that getting him neutered would help. We were planning on doing it regardless, but figured that would be an added bonus. It didn't even slow him down for a day. The moment he came home he started again.

"Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten."

So what happens when a kitten masturbates?


Too Big

I think everyone has days or at least moments when they think about... well everything. When you think about the whole world and what's going on in it, or even just the whole country. Sometimes it inspires me to think about what it is I want to try to do in that world. How I would like to be able to influence it. Sometimes though it is just so overwhelming and makes me want to go back to bed. Today is one of those days, and I'm not sure of why.

I've been trying to figure out where my next steps will be, and what I need to do to reach my goals. I keep thinking, maybe I want to be a teacher. I applied to be a substitute and never heard back, so I assume they disliked something about my resume. Then there's the possibility of going back to school, which I suppose is the easiest solution. My only problem with that is, what do I go to school for? Physics and Astronomy, teaching, administration, TESL, technical theatre, economics? I am interested in way too many things, and I really don't know what direction I want to go so at this point I think further education would be a waste of time. I half-heartedly want to just leave for China, because that truly is the easiest direction for me to go right now. I just don't know, and some days I find it so frustrating thinking about the things I want to do, and trying to figure out a way to accomplish all of them.



I have lots of stuff to say but I am so frustrated. I was going to try to clear my mind a bit, looking at friend's web pages and stuff, but Firefox and my computer had a fight. I lost all my bookmarks. Stupid.

Something happened this week that made me wonder about the freedom of speech, in a forum such as a blog, and one's profession. I've read all sorts of articles on military websites about people getting in trouble, even being court marshaled for stuff they write on their blogs. Most of the time those things make sense to me, because they have important policies on operation security. Like if your are going to Iraq you can't give people information on when you are going to be doing what and where, because it potentially exposes the plans of your unit to the enemy, especially when those things are written in a public area like the Internet. But until this week I had only thought a bit about what could happen in a normal job.
I very purposely choose not to write names of people I work with, or where I work or anything of that sort, simply because I don't think it would be polite to my coworkers. I know I personally wouldn't want someone to use my name frivolously on the Internet. It makes me concerned though, that this has come up in my workplace. I have done everything I can to make sure that my blog is not search able for my employer, just in case they don't like what I write. But it's also absurd to me to do this because of how incredibly wrong I think it is. I mean even if a person writing about their personal experiences at work had used their company name, and even the first names of co-workers, I don't think that it would be justifiable to fire that person for keeping a blog. I understand the company's side of it to some extent, that you could actually tarnish the image of the business if you said something bad enough. And when I really think about it I don't think that an employer could really do it, but if you look on the Internet there are stories of it occurring, and I think for any blogger who herd it suggested, it is a frightening thought.