It's been a while.

I knew I hadn't blogged in a while, but I didn't realize it had been this long. I've got to hop on the Wii later today. Last Wednesday I went for my blood glucose test. They called me to let me know I have to go through the big test, because my level was elevated. I'm feeling pretty crumby about this, but I guess that it's just an indication that even skinnies need to make changes to their lifestyle. I'm going to make it a goal not to be a couch potato.

To be honest, I was pretty devastated to hear that my level was elevated. I don't exactly eat an unhealthy diet as you can tell by my logs, and I blame myself for having a crappy level. It terrifies me that the little snacks that I have and my putting off exercise have kicked me in the butt (though I understand that it's different than type 2 diabetes, and I haven't gotten the complete test yet, it still bugs me.) Plus there was the fact that when the nurse called I was watching Biggest Loser, and I had eaten ice cream for breakfast and had a snack of candies which made me feel super guilty. It's a rainy day, so I'll get on the wii, and hide the sweets from myself. I'll just have to make more of an effort till I get this test done, and maybe it will be a more permanent choice I need to make to my couch potato lifestyle.

Food Log-
Ice cream
Choco-pomegranate candy
a little veggies and potato
2 tomatoes
Quinoa with veggies
frozen pineapple center pieces
cheddar cheese
fig newton (2)
2 shrimp tacos from taco bell
1 granny smith apple
Potato chips

Weight at 4:30- 170.6 lbs

I now have an appointment for tomorrow morning at the diabetes center. They aren't going to do the 3 hour glucose test. I'm going to this appointment to talk to a person about my habits, and to get a meter and instructions on how to use it. So this will be something new for me to experience. I'll be curious to see what my levels are. I just hope I won't have to cut too much out.

Granola with soy milk - You'd think that granola is healthy but it's not completely. I made this one myself so I know how much sugar and maple syrup is in it. I tried a new method when I made it which worked well, so next time I might put in less sugar and syrup.
Leftover BBQ and a few fries
piece of gum
hint of lime chips
cup of frozen fruit
Grilled Cajun fillet sandwich from Bojangles

12:30 weight- 170.9 lbs


Wendy's Wednesday

165.6 lbs
Beef Jerky
Bagel and Cream Cheese
Dr. Pepper
hard candy
trio bar
Grapefruit with sugar
Sandwich from Wendys- 470 cal
Frosty- 310 cal
Mini sandwich- 350 cal

Woah that was a lot of Calories in my dinner.


Happy Pi Day!

I took a week off from writing the blog, as my computer is failing, and my husband had the week for spring break. I took my weight this morning... and I don't feel so much like a skinny couch potato.

Yikes. I was getting kind use to my body image, but man. I'm not so sure if I'm going to stay out of the 170 range. No wonder I'm so much more tired than I'm use to. So I'm going to blow up the yoga ball, and maybe do some walking today, or maybe a little yard work. I've been thinking though that my project priority needs to go to doing my taxes, but you gotta eat... and I should get it written down.

Peanut butter and banana- 150 cal
Fig Newton- 200 cal
1 cup pineapple
2 cups bean and kale soup
Small handful dark chocolate pommegranet candy
Cheddar cheese
2 hard candies
Red Lobster Shrimp meal with Fries and Garden Salad- 1000 cal
2 tums

166.2 lbs
This is the first time my weight has gone down even a little since being pregnant

Banana and peanut butter
Fig Newton
Beef Jerky
Quinoa with veggies
V8 splash
Chocolate candies
2 red lobster biscuits
Potato chips
bowl of beans and kale soup
strawberrry balsamic truffle uncoated
2 thin mints


Granola with Soy Milk
Beef Jerky
2 cookies
cup of yummy soup
Chicken sandwich and bo-berry biscust from Bojangles
a nugget of Jacob's chicken

Chick fila bagel sandwich
7 layer burrito from Taco Bell
Pomagranet Freeze (yummy)
Leftover cauliflower soup
Shortbread cookie, and chocolate chip
20 Jelly beans (I found them!)
Grilled Cheese sandwich


Healthy Checkup!

Cookie and Granola with Soy Milk
Chick-fila Sandwitch, Cherry Coke, 2 Cookies
Handful of green peas
2 Shorbread Cookies
Trio bar
a bit of mango
tomato and cheese
Another Cookie
Beef Jerky
Grilled Cheese
Cauliflower Soup (Yay Jacob!)

I had another doctor's appointment today. Completely great bill of health. Nugget wouldn't sit still to have his heart beat on the dopplar, and the nurse eventually gave up after trying with him wiggling around (and that was before any caffeine today.) Took two tums in the evening as I'm feeling over stuffed. I'm so glad that I had a friend's blog to read in addition to all the online resources to know the unexpected side effects of pregnancy (including strange stomach activities, like food not having space to go, and coming to my throat when I lay down, easily fixed with pillows eating small meals and eating early.) Next visit I get my Rh shot, and the blood glucose test. So it said come back in 3-4 weeks, and the doctor said three. But the visits have been quick lately, so I'm not too concerned that they'll be every two weeks after this next visit.

165 lbs on the doctor's scale


Tuesday- begin again

So yesterday Jacob made cookies, and in addition to that I've been eating a lot of jelly beans, so I need to pick up on this again, rather than just trying to remember what I've been eating.

Weight: almost 162 lbs (eep! I think/hope this is just indigestion)

Pizza slice (leftovers)
3 Cookies
2 tomatoes
Another 2 cookie
Granola and soy milk
Cookie and Pasta with tomato, garlic and Parmesan
Sushi (california roll)
Cranberry juice