I got so frustrated yesterday. This woman brought her dog in, she's over 60 years old, and she takes her dog to us regularly for shots and anything he needs. She has an outstanding balance with us, and when her visit yesterday was added to it it was more than $800. She normally pays us $75 a month, but right now she can't even afford that. In addition we charge a monthly billing fee. My feeling about this situation is that unfortunately I don't think that she will ever get out of this debt. It really frightens me, and bothers me that she is stuck in this situation.
I realize that at the clinic we provide a service that she has to pay for. I am also aware of why we have monthly billing fees, but it really bothers me that we have to. Some of the people at work had good suggestions for how she could avoid further debt with us in the future, but the situation made me think about how much I would like to be able to tell her how to get out of debt and stay out of debt. I really wish there was something I could actively do to help her. I have some vague ideas, but nothing great. It also makes me really sad that I assisted in putting her further in the hole with our clinic. The whole thing just stinks.



One of the reasons I particularly like our clinic is because we take in animals. I never thought that a veterinary facility would accept strays. I thought that they would just refer them to an animal shelter, but we take them in. I would not like to call the clinc a "no kill shelter" but we certainly try our best. We have had some of our animals for years, but most of them have only been around for a few months. I adopted one of them. He is a 6 month old kitty named Harry. I wish I had a huge yard and lots of property, because then I could adopt more animals. I think with my tiny space though one is enough, especially the way Harry tears around the house. One I have grown especially attached to is Sasha. She is a year old Pit Bull. She's small though, only around 35 pounds. I've started taking her for walks in my time off because she has so much energy and she bounces around the cage. Everyone thought she was a puppy because of her energy level. I hope that she gets a nice home with a big yard very soon. :)


Nothing much to say.

The recent long period of silence was mostly due to the fact that I didn't have too much to say. I mean, I've had plenty to do. Lots of animals and the like, I even took a small vacation. But I really haven't had much to say.

Two of my friends got married in the past few weeks. I am sad that I couldn't go, but I wish them well.

I'll write once I find more to write about.