Foodie Friday

So last two days I haven't been recording everything... so now I gotta get back on the books

Weight the last two days: just shy of 160lbs

Today's foods:
Homemade granola with soy milk
Noodles with chicken
Jelly Beans about 30
Handful of potato chips
Shortbread cookie
Thin mint candies
More than a handful of chips

Prediction for the evening:
Cherry Coke


Monday Monday

Weight at around 9:45 ish: 158lbs

Blueberry bagel with cheddar cheese
shortbread cookie
costco muffin
2 tomatoes
Large handful of sugar snap peas
25 Jelly beans (I felt great till I ate these... darn it)
Beef Jerky
Chicken Noodle Salad
Cranberry Juice
Thin Mint Candies

Pasta salad
2 Doughnuts
potato chips
15 jelly beans
Way too much starbucks ice cream
Jack in a Box- Turkey Sandwich, Curly Fries


Into the weekend


V8 Fusion
Chicken bagel (yay chick fila!)
Jelly Beans (around 30)
Choco toffee mac nuts
Limeaid Icecream mix from sonic

No... I skipped tracking today, will begin again tomorrow. Taking my weight first thing in the morning.


Friday Feedings

Yogurt with maple syrup
Trio bar
Cheerwine sherbert
Cheese and tomato sandwich
2 Mac-nut shortbread cookies
Large piece of trout
Animal Cookies
Pasta with tomato sauce and chicken
Coffee Ice cream

I forgot to check my weight today, and I'm skipping calorie counts. I'll check my weight again tomorrow... probably early as during the weekend I'm usually doing stuff at 5pm.


Food Stuffs

1 Yogurt- 170 Calories
Some Cheddar Cheese
The end of the Potato Chips- 160 Calories
Thin Mint Candy- 80 Calories
40 Jelly Beans- 160 Calories
Sandwich of French bread, chicken breast, tomato, and cucumber
2 Shortbread Macadamia cookies
Piece of gum (sugarless)
Handful of blackberries
Apple with peanut butter
about 20 sugar snap peas
Hard candy
Flavored Almonds- 150 Calories
Chicken Breast, and collards with bacon
Lemonade- 150 Calories

Weight at 5:15 pm : 158.7lbs ack... I'll attribute this to changing the time I'm weighing in, more water, and more clothes (though the wii accounts for clothes) I actually did some of the activities today too. Wii yoga seems like a good plan in addition to walks.


Renewing the Blog

So I mentioned that I was considering keeping track of what I eat, because I'm (normally) thin (though not skinny) but I don't necessarily keep track of what I eat, nor do I exercise like I should. So because I'd like to change my habits, and I think that tracking my eating helps, I'm going to change the direction of the blog. Well... I'm going to give this blog a direction, which it didn't really have before.

Today I have eaten:
1 Trio Bar - 230 Calories
1 Yogurt - 170 Calories
1 V8 Fusion (since pregnancy I don't like normal V8 as much) - 150 Calories
4 Graham crackers (the whole rectangle)
A handful of blackberries

Medium piece of trout
1/2 cup cauliflower soup
1 tangerine
2 servings Sour Cream and Onion Chips - 320 Calories
3 Thin Mint Candies -80 Calories
1/3 pack of animal cookies -240 Calories
10 ish Hello Kitty Mango Marsh-mellows - 100 Calories (those little things are addictive, I was just going to try one, oops)
Some Meatballs from Ikea (most of a serving) with Ligonberry sauce and gravy (unfortunately) and a few French Fries
Veggie Soup from Ikea
1/2 a Princess Cake
Popcorn with 3 tsp sugar
Cup of Cranberry juice

So part of the reason I'm doing this is because the past few days I've been getting headaches again. Most of the time it's after consuming a large amount of sugar (we bought Jelly Beans.) I've decided that taking a better look at what I'm eating would be a good idea, as I'm starting to be concerned about the effect of food on my body and Nugget.

Now full disclosure. Weight. I normally weigh about 135 lbs, I fluctuate a lot depending on my habits. For example my last trip to China I left the US averaging 128 I came home around 123 because I ate lots of fish and veggies, but didn't exercise a lot. (My first trip to China I think I came home around 145 or so because I ate junk and didn't exercise.) With Costa Rica due to all the hiking and the like I left the US at 138 and returned at 132. I own a Wii Fit so I can look back at all my weight changes, which can be pretty scary. Especially now, being pregnant I watched my weight gain gradually through October to November/December to 142, and then shoot up at the beginning of the year, as maternity pants become a necessity at my current weight/size.

Weight today taken after first meal @12:30: 157.6 lbs

The Wii officially told me I'm "overweight" two days ago. I know that I'm suppose to gain between 25 and 30lbs during pregnancy, and talked to the doctor last time because I've already gained 20 (that was at my appt time.) and she said not to be too concerned, spread out meals more, and be sure to keep exercising/walking. My goal is not to get out of the 160 range. I will be sad if I get over 165, but to be at or above 170 is unacceptable, and I don't that that's being to hard on myself. I keep hoping maybe Nugget can use some of this stored fat for energy, but that seems pretty unlikely, so I'm just going to not stress about it till after he's born and I can make goals, and maybe do a half or full marathon or triathlon with a friend.

Until then, I'm going to keep track of my habits, so I have a baseline to go off of. That way I'll know where I started, and how I can make improvements.