Food Stuffs

1 Yogurt- 170 Calories
Some Cheddar Cheese
The end of the Potato Chips- 160 Calories
Thin Mint Candy- 80 Calories
40 Jelly Beans- 160 Calories
Sandwich of French bread, chicken breast, tomato, and cucumber
2 Shortbread Macadamia cookies
Piece of gum (sugarless)
Handful of blackberries
Apple with peanut butter
about 20 sugar snap peas
Hard candy
Flavored Almonds- 150 Calories
Chicken Breast, and collards with bacon
Lemonade- 150 Calories

Weight at 5:15 pm : 158.7lbs ack... I'll attribute this to changing the time I'm weighing in, more water, and more clothes (though the wii accounts for clothes) I actually did some of the activities today too. Wii yoga seems like a good plan in addition to walks.

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