Yummy Thai Food!

B- Boiled Egg, Soy-milk with cinnomin
L- Cottage Cheese, Green Beans, Boiled egg, apple with peanut butter
S- Swiss Cheese, greek yogurt, potato chips
D- cantellope several slices, kale, shredded pork
Ice cream about 1 cup
10 AM- 168.4 lbs

10 AM- 166.7 lbs
B- spinach and egg (made my blood sugar go down, not up strange)
L- Cantelope while I made food, yogurt with homemade granola and fruit, cheese and lunchmeat rollups
S-Cantelope and cottage cheese
D- Eggplant Chicken Thai dish, with rice mango dessert


Loosing the sugar, and the weight...

166.9 lbs at 10 am

B- Leftover pork and carrot chinese food
L- Turkey tomato and swiss sandwich, green bean leftovers and some cottage cheese
(I'm always really hungry by lunchtime since being on this low carb/sugar diet, this was one of the first satisfying lunches I've had so far... maybe a little over-full.)
Vitamins post lunch pre blood sugar
Yogurt with granola
1 serving potato chips
D- Chick-fil-a sandwich half the bun removed, small unsweet tea, small milkshake shared with Jacob (banana pudding shakes are awesome! It's good they'll be going away soon, cause I'd be tempted to eat them all the time.)

I killed the granola so I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll try an adjusted recipe to make it have less sugar, then eat it for lunch so I'll have an idea if it works well for keeping blood sugar low.


No Joke

Fig Newton
Chick-fil-a Nuggets with sauce
slice of bread with cheese
1 cup frozen strawberries and about 2 tbsp walnuts (I need to toast those up, they're old and taste terrible)
1 cup + a little soy milk with cinnamon allspice and nutmeg
slice of cheddar cheese
handful of roasted peanuts
burger (full sized) from Five Guys
4 tbsp starbucks ice cream (completely allowed!)

So I have a meter now, and the only abnormal readings I had were post fig newton (probably because it was morning and too much carb without anything else) and post burger... which I can't really explain.
Trip to the grocery store tomorrow to get the things I need to stay on a low carb diet.