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I am a bad vet tech. I just ate a burger, and my cat was bugging me so I threw the wrapper. He's what I call an invincible animal though. If you don't know what I mean, or If you just want to hear an interesting story here is one. The Prologue is the story.

Yesterday wasn't bad. Actually lately most days haven't been bad, I suppose I have just been building up my story repitore. I've been reading friends blogs about learning to intubate (people) and other cool things people are doing. I figured I would give everyone a little piece of my life lately.

At the end of the day yesterday we had a lot come in. One case that I helped with was a cat. This poor cat was not doing well, he actually was brought in inside a recycling bin. The cat had a history of being bad, and biting even people he was familiar with, so I put on the cat gloves and took her out of her box. She was so sick even though she meowed she didn't even try to fight. The cat had begun to become ill quite some time ago, and had become worse recently. The owner thought that there was a chance the cat had been in a fight, but was also concerned because there was a neurological component to her illness, some pyralisis and odd behavior and by the end the cat couldn't even walk right. Because there was some concern of rabies the owner made it clear that they wanted the cat to be put down and tested.

The last time I had to deal with potentially rabid animals they were much more active, and I was more concerned about being bit. It turned out the last case was related to the food recall. Yesterday I wasn't about to remove the gloves, but I wasn't terribly worried about the cat biting me. It is fairly unlikely that the cat has the disease considering it was vaccinated in 2005, but I suppose we will find out in a few days.

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