Today I was working in reception and one of the male kennel staff came up and took an animal back. A bit later as I was checking a client in I herd him yell "Aaaargh!" This guy doesn't say a word if he's stabbed by a needle or scratched so I turned. I was trying to continue helping the client because I figured someone else was helping my friend. Then I hear this scurrying up the hallway towards me, I turned and saw something that looked like a squirrel coming toward the waiting room (and me). There were a number of dogs in the waiting room, and I just acted on instinct and bent down and got a hand on the little critter. It was a kitty. The owner had told us that this cat and it's companion were outdoor kitties, but she didn't say they were feral. She scratched my hand and tried to bite my other hand when I brought it near to pick the little one up. I had my hand in just the right place though on her back that she didn't seem to mind, or maybe she just couldn't reach me. Either way I wasn't moving my hand. One of the other kennel staff members approached us to get the cat, and I let him know that he would need the cat gloves. We got her back in a kennel nice and safe, scared... but safe. The other kennel staff member has a pretty decent cut on his hand, but he'll be okay. I can't believe that little bugger got out, nor can I believe I caught her skiddish butt when I can't catch my own cat.


Jacob said...

She's just not as experienced in the art of escape as Harry.

cupritte said...

That's true. Harry is sneaky.