Tiny Tim

I was watching "A Christmas Carol" the one with Patrick Stewart at like 5am the other day. I started to think about the role Tiny Tim has in the movie. How he pulls at the heartstrings of the viewer/reader with his crutch, and impending death (without Scrooge's influence of course.) I think most people know many of the lines in Charles Dickens' story, but the ones that I found that I was the most familiar with were those involving Tiny Tim. His character is a perfect icon for the Christmas spirit. He is so young and innocent and opens his heart to anyone who asks. I think most Christmas movies have this character in them.
I actually like Tiny Tim. He is so genuine. He loves unconditionally. I think this is why although I really hate the concept of him dying it almost has to happen. I'd hate to say it but I think that it is truly inevitable that as a person grows up they stop trusting other people. I like the idea of remaining as open hearted as Tiny Tim is, but I don't think that I'm being a pessimist in saying that he would be ripped apart in the real world. I try my best to look for the good nature in people, but it is incredibly difficult when you have seen how horrible it can be when a person takes advantage of someone else's good nature.

I swear I am not writing this out of bitterness. In fact I have been thinking a lot on a subject also related to Christian values, forgiveness. Any time I say the Lord's Prayer (I'm not exactly religious, but I still say it occasionally) I think about how there is a strong emphasis put on the idea of truly forgiving anyone who has wronged you. For several years now I have had one rather strong objection it was a kind of "I forgive everyone, but that one." I think I have finally gotten over it enough that I can genuinely say that I forgive that person. I won't ever forget, but I am finally able to say that I am in fact getting over what happened. I am not exactly able to trust everyone without restraint, but I am not as guarded as I was. I hope that next year I will greet people more in this way; "With an open smile and with open doors I will bid you welcome, what is mine is yours."

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