Perhaps I have some explaining to do

I've been listening to some songs with very strong messages about the world (World on Fire, Mother Father etc.) and looking at photos on my computer I had all but forgotten about. It really leaves me in a funny mood. Thinking about how my mentality has changed through the years, how my friends have changed, how I don't even really know some of them anymore, not really anyway. But most of all how in the world can I even begin to make my imprint on the world, and in what way would I like to do it? I think that I only really began to struggle with this question after I came back from China, and even more so after graduating from college.

For a second I actually felt guilty. I couldn't help but think, I'm in South Carolina working at an Animal Clinic, I'm not doing anything to work towards a global goal. I do kind of wish I had the guts to go in New Orleans, or Indonesia, or other areas of the world with a larger problems. But the reason I am here makes sense. I needed to take a first step, in any direction. I needed to prove to myself that I could survive not being a boomerang child and living off my parents. And I'm writing all this here because that is exactly what this blog is going to be about. Of course it will probably be just my friends reading this to keep up with what I'm doing, but I figure I will probably end up with a handful of interesting threads and stories as I work to try to figure out where to go next.

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