Horray for a long weekend!

Friday was complete insanity. I came into work expecting to float between being a receptionist and kennels considering it was the day before a long weekend so we were going to be packed, then around 10 till 9 one of my friends tells me that I am in fact assigned to a vet. So I have a very short time to finish what I am doing and mentally pepare myself to be working with her for the whole day.

I think I sat down for maybe fifteen minuites all day. There was one point when we were in two rooms at once and a third room was called for us (we only have four rooms.) I started putting stickes with the room number on the files so I could keep track of who was where. I screwed up a few times in small ways, but I think I am getting better at being a technician. No terribly interesting stories though.

By the end of the day I was completly wiped out, so even though I was suppose to take one of the kittens home, I was too tired to get the litter and food and all to bring him home. So I went in on Saturday to grab the little guy. I just took him back to the clinic a few minutes ago. I miss him already, but in observing him over the weekend and realizing the amount of attention he is going to need, I don't think that I have the capacity to raise a little guy yet. Who knows, looking at his silly face stuck in that little cage I might change my mind after I finish cleaning the little stains he left on the carpet.

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