Lots of mess. Ideas for later.

I started with a new podcast today.  Loaded stitcher onto my first smart phone that I got a few months ago with Ting (alternative phone service if you are curious I can send you a link).

I am also unpacking from a camping trip that got cut off because our tent is around 15 years old and was touching the rainfly so it leaked.  So my house is a mess, which I am in the middle of fixing.  It gives me an idea for a future post, about being honest regarding how messy my home is on a daily basis, and how bad it gets when things are going on.

Also it gives me some ideas about how privilege effects the ability to discard just in case items.  Like our tent.

Also since listening to The Minimalists podcast again, I really think that they would find a lot of value in a non-violent communications class.  I find myself listening to some of their replies and feel concerned that the caller might not feel heard.  There is a lot of information coming across, I wonder if it is helpful to the listener.

Ok, but for now, back to cleaning my mess.

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