Surprise Surprise!

So I've been terrible about updating this. Funny thing is I have several drafts of things I started writing, and never completed to publish.

Well, now that the cat is pretty much out of the bag, I figure there is something that I have a lot to say about and would like to do it on the blog, as there are plenty of women going through the same thing and having interesting discussions and insights on it online.
I'm pregnant. 17 weeks ago... so by funny pregnancy math he is 19 weeks along. That's right, he. Saw that at the fist sonogram a little after 13 weeks. It's been quite the experience, and I'm not even halfway there... and then there are the next 18 plus years. Sigh.

So I wanted to start this off well now, because ever since Christmas my digestive system has been playing games with me. First trimester I was lucky. I'm unemployed, which I normally hate but it's worked out well for not needing sick days. During the first few weeks I felt nothing... other than the sneaking suspicion that I probably was pregnant. After a while I would feel this small queezy or nauseous, but I just watched what I was eating (occasionally refused to eat things), and the frequency that I was having snacks, and never had any vomiting. Then in my second trimester I took several flights, and the first two were miserable. Then got sick because of a smell, and I've gotten a little sick because of food a few times since then, but tonight was the worst. No dinner for me. I'm wondering if it was the bubbly grape juice pre-dinner, the sweet potatoes, the tilapia, the garlic and onion, or the slightly old red pepper I garnished it with. Everything was cooked, and we checked the temp on the fish pre-consumption, I have no idea.

Hopefully I can find the right mix for nugget and I so that I can feel his kicks and not just my digestive system's kicks soon.

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