Healthcare Headace.

I am back in the United States. While hiding from most of the world till I become re-acclimated to this fusion of cultures on demand, before I get back to all the blogs I need to write because I was blocked from blogger in China, I want to write something about the issue on the top of every paper and political magazine around here... Healthcare.

So currently I have no health insurance, or dental. I am looking forward to getting both of those things, because I want to get a checkup on both. I had an individual health care plan from around July to February of this past year. It wasn't too bad I payed $85.34 a month and had more coverage than I did previously with my employer. I think I was paying about the same amount out of my own pocket too, just after taxes in this case. Now I have to go through the fun process of looking for health insurance on these overwhelming websites again. It got me thinking that every member of congress who is considering these bills should go through this process. They should be reminded of how many questions patients are asked, and find out how much they would have to pay to support themselves or their families and what types of policies a family they represent could reasonably afford.

Most of this information is very personal so unfortunately I can't manage to fill one out for a senator on my own, but here is what I can find about how much South Carolina's senators might pay for individual plans.

Website used ehealthinusrance.com

Lindsey Graham:
Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO- $5,000 deductible, 30% copay, no office visits covered
You want to go to the doctor sometimes before things go terribly wrong? Ok.
Aetna PPO- $2,500 deductible, 30% copay, 1-2 office visits $30 copay waived

Jim DeMint (I assumed his wife is two years younger as they are "childhood sweethearts":
Humana One PPO- $10,400 deductible, 0% copay, office visits 0% after deductible
I can't find a plan that pays for office visits before the deductible has been covered. So let's go with a lower deductible health plan.
Aetna PPO- $3,000 deductible, 0% copay, office visits 0% after deductible

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