Making room for the Millions

Nature is rather controlled in China. I can somewhat understand why. It seems that people are rather afraid of anything they don't know much about. They may allow the stray dogs to exist, but most people are afraid to touch a pet dog. I have been told not to go onto the small hill next to my school because there are snakes (never seen a snake, only a few run over, but I have heard plenty of birds in there.) Parks seem to be very strategic and planned down to the last shrub. Sure they get a little overgrown sometimes, but really, that's a rarity here. Hiking in the woods doesn't happen. A hike is always on a paved road or stairs. I may have mentioned to some people how it is that this city has changed so much in the past 10 years. How mountains were bigger, there were more woods, and their was more natural environment and areas for people to plant crops. Here are some photos, showing what I mean.

The first is my students in front of the school, maybe a month and a half ago. The second is the hill across from the hill a few days ago, which they have made more progression on by now. I bet they are making way for more updated housing. The last photo is the types of gardens that people plant in these open spaces. I know there were some at the base of this hill, and I am sure there were others on top of the hill too.

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