Lots of New Plans

So a lot of things have changed with me lately. Part of the reason I have stopped posting about veterinary care (other than being lazy) is because I quit that job in November. I have been just substitute teaching since then. However I am going to be teaching in China in February for a year. I am looking forward to it, but don't have a contract yet. So we will see.

In addition to all of the career stuff that has been going on I got engaged. Twice!

I am a non-traditional person and so is my fiance. At some point back in 2007 we had a conversation about what happens if I have a proposal plan, would that be a problem? He said no, and we talked about it more, and both agreed that we should both continue our own plans regardless of who asked first.

So back in 2004 on election night we had an informal party to watch the results come in. The entire night my fiance sat on the arm of the chair I was in. He had been flirtatious before (he got the nickname fraternizer in college, and is known as a flirt) but this was the first time I really got the idea that he was actually interested in me. So on election day 2008 I proposed. We voted in a small park, and after voting I went running for the swings. I asked him to guess what I had learned in the past four years. After some guessing things that were all based on the past election I told him "there is one big thing that I have learned in the past four years, and that is that I love you. I want to be with you for every election, and every other day of the year for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?" I gave him a ring, (not down on one knee I was too nervous without doing that) and he said of course.

He asked me first thing New Years morning. He said "I want the first thing that I do in the New Year to be to ask you to marry me."

Now a big reason for me writing this blog is because when I was looking for information on the internet for information on how other women had proposed (had they used a ring gotten down on one knee etc), and there was very little out there. Until now. I am a big fan of the website Offbeat Bride, and in the tribe there are many women who have proposed. The author of the website recently wrote two different posts on women proposing marriage. There a hundreds of replies to her posts of other women who have proposed also, and I wanted to do my part in letting future women searching for this subject know of a great resource.

Part 1
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Part 2
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