Dear Pitbull,

Dear Pitbull with lipstick, hockey mom, Governor Sarah Palin,

I admire you quite a bit as a person, it is very impressive that you have made your way into the political arena from the PTA, to become Mayor of Wasilla, then to become governor of the unique state of Alaska. All while having five children, and supporting your husband. You seem like a very interesting woman, and have a very different perspective.

However, your speech tonight frustrated the heck out of me on a number of levels. Admitted I am not exactly your intended audience, being from the other freak state, and having voted for Linda Lingle because of her greater emphasis on eduction, realizing that because of the nature of our government she wouldn't have complete control on our state.
I think it is absurd of you and your running mate to continue this argument on "experience". Admitted John McCain is one of the senators who has held his seat in congress for a very long time, and Obama and Biden have somewhat similar political paths never having worked in the executive branch like you have. It is unjust to belittle the work that Obama did in New York and Chicago, working in small community organizing jobs, then later working on Project Vote and other grassroots campaigns, and Biden working as a public defender. I think that both of them worked very hard to serve the people, and even though the were not the ones lobbying for money for the people they helped, nor did they chose how money was delegated to the people they served. They have been working hard, and have served many people since the days when you were a beauty queen.

I understand that this is a contest and that you want to win, but to put down the people in this country who are working hard to serve the people seems counteractive to the message you are trying to promote about trying to change this country for the better.

Once I'm more awake I'll be able to be more coherent on why it is that I'm not thrilled with you as a political figure, but for now I am going to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your words to start to express the frustration of hearing Gov. Palin cheerfully dismiss and denigrate what represents my hope for the future of this country.