Oops. Part one.

I've been told my blog is amusing. I am going to try to post more frequently regarding work antics. I don't know how successful I will be. But here are three stories (to make up for my lack of blogging) involving oops' and animals.

Two dogs came into the clinic and were boarding with us, and happened to have tapeworms. The doctor handed me three and a half pills of de-wormer, two for the larger dog and one and a half for the smaller dog. I took the pills and hid them in some tasty soft food. I got up to the cage, and normally I just sort of hand both the dogs their treats, but this time they both looked rather eager (and I don't like being bit by an overly excited dog) so I dropped both treats right in the front of the cage. In a flash the larger dog had tipped his head toward where the other dog's treat had fallen. I didn't see him eat it but both treats were gone in under half a second. Crap. So I go let my doctor know that I'm dumb. She tells me that I should make the dog vomit. So I bring him in and we give him H2O2, and walk him outside up and down the stairs and the like. I get to a point when I think that the high 90 degree heat and the running around will be more likely to cause him to suffer heat exhaustion than to make him vomit, so I gave him a big bowl of water to drink to maybe make him vomit. No success. We give him more hydrogen peroxide and he finally vomits, all of the pills, so at least I didn't do all that work for nothing.

I'll write my other two stories tomorrow. TTFN !

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