Mad Monday

Yesterday was kinda insane in part because of this...


If you have a pet you may have already seen this. But there are so many
foods on this list that it is worth another look. We have seen a
handful of cases since the recall announcement, andunfortunately we still don't know exactly what is in the food or how it got there. The food affected has been sold beginning
in December, so even if you haven't bought food recently please check
these lists. We have several suspected cases earlier in the year, that
we are now thinking may be connected to whatever went wrong with the
Look for your pets behaving differently, being lethargic, not eating, vomiting, drinking and peeing a lot.

This whole thing brought up a lot of interesting hypothetical questions for
me. Like what would happen if this did affect almost all pets, and in
fact killed all animals being fed produced pet food. Would I be out of
the job? Would all of the strayssuddenly find homes? It seemed like a
very weird situation to me. I don't think anything like this has ever
happened in the veterinary world, and it's odd that I just so happen to
be a tech at the time when it is.

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