Blog off.

Okie, so a friend challenged me to a blog off. I've been trying to write more frequently and this gives me further excuse to do so.

So for today I couldn't remember something that I wanted to do online, so I went to bravotv.com, and found this http://www.brilliantbutcancelled.com/ It was pretty interesting. A lot on Firefly of course. I had herd a lot about Firefly in college. Many people recommended it to me because I speak Mandarin (or at least I speak some Mandarin.) Anyway, I finally saw it, and although I was not hooked at first, after about 4 episodes I was really looking forward to the next. Serenity is the only movie I have ever seen in the movie theater twice. I was never interested in either Buffy or any of Joss Whedon's other work (other than Toy Story,) but this particular series was really good. I think to some extent it tapped into when I was a child and watched Star Trek TNG, or Sliders. But it was also more adult than both of those shows. There was a depth in each of the characters he created, and the viewer got much more interested in the back-story.
However I think the only way they can continue the story, and be as successful at it is to go back and make a season two, that would have occurred before the movie, or to use a lot of flashbacks like in "Out of Gas".

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NotMySecondOpinion said...

Out of Gas was definitely my favorite. It fit perfectly with what Firefly was all about... unappreciated junk in space with a lot of grit and character.

As a side note, I am honored that you chose to see the movie with me for your First Second-Time Experience! :)